Do you really get your own dogs ashes back admin May 13, 2023

Do you really get your own dogs ashes back

Yes, you can receive ashes from some pet crematoriums or even have ashes placed in an urn. Pet cremations are typically handled very respectfully, and many pet owners prefer to keep the ashes of their beloved pets in a special urn made out of things like bronze, ceramic, wood, or even fire-resistant stone. These urns can be customized with images or features which will make it easier for pet owners to remember and reflect on the life they shared with their animal companions each time they look at them.

Furthermore, many crematory services also offer custom packages that include sophisticated options allowing accessorizing the pet’s home while they rest. This includes everything from choosing the type and shape of urn to selecting the color and fabric of custom-sewn pillows on which your pet will rest eternally. Of course for these types of services one must pay extra fees but considering how tough this process is for most people this could be worth every penny spent.

In conclusion, yes you do get your own dog’s ashes back from certain crematoriums; however, depending on your wishes you may have to pay extra for customized memorial services or funerary urns.

Introduction: What is pet cremation?

Pet cremation is the process of reducing the body of a deceased pet to bone fragments using high temperatures – usually 1,500 to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. During the process, all that remains are their bones and a small amount of ash. In some cases, pet owners will choose to have the final remains of their beloved pets returned to them.

By returning these ashes back to the pet owner, it helps them find closure in moving on from the loss of their companion animal. Although today many veterinary clinics offer pet cremation services, individuals can also find private companies that offer this service as well. By doing so they can be assured that their pet’s remains will be handled with care and respect during this difficult time.

The process of pet cremation

Having seresto flea collar for kittens your pet cremated can be a comforting way to honor and remember your pet. But it’s not always clear what the process involves or whether you will actually get your own dog’s ashes back.

The answer is yes, many pet crematories offer one of two options for bereaved pet owners: either return of the ashes, or scattering at sea. Keep in mind that some companies also offer separate services like jewelry or a keepsake box made from the ashes themselves.

Most pet crematories have an automated cremation process, where individual containers are labeled, loaded into an oven-like machine, and placed inside with a noncombustible identifier attached to the container so they can keep records. The deceased animal’s remains are held in place while heated metal chamber containing flames consume all organic material except bones, leaving behind a fine powdery ash. This ash is then swept out of the cremation chamber and placed into an urn which can then be collected by you or sent directly to you by post or courier service.

What happens to the ashes after the process?

When a pet is cremated, the remains are typically placed in a pouch or container and given back to the owner. However, what happens to the ashes after that depends on what the pet owner does with them.

The most common thing for owners to do is bury their pet’s ashes in their backyard or another location that was special to the pet. This way, they can always be close by and even come and visit them when needed.

Other owners choose to scatter the ashes. They may do this in an area that held memories for them both or simply over a large area of land where they know their pet always wanted to roam free.

Finally, others also choose to keep their pet’s ashes in an urn. This allows them keep some kind of tangible object close by at all times while still remembering their beloved pet.

Do you get your own pet’s ashes back?

It really depends on the individual pet crematorium. Some offer a return on your pet’s ashes, while some don’t. It’s important to ask in advance what their policy is so you can make sure that you’re comfortable with the answer.

In most cases, if you’re able to get your own pet’s ashes back they’ll come in a sealed, wooden box or other container of your choice with a personalized label bearing your pet’s name and date of birth. This helps make the experience more meaningful and gives you an opportunity to grieve in an special way.

Overall, getting the ashes back is only an option at many pet crematoriums but not all of them. So be sure to do your research if it’s something that matters to you!

Should we keep or scatter those ashes?

Most people who opt to have their dog’s ashes returned often ask themselves what they should do with them. Should you keep them or scatter them? There is no right or wrong answer here, it all depends on your personal preference and attachment to your pet.

If you prefer to keep your pet’s ashes with you, consider display options like an urn or jewelry pieces. This helps ensure that your pet will always remain close. On the other hand, if you wish to consider scattering the ashes in a special place – make sure you research into local laws first as some areas prohibiting scattering remains in certain public places. Rather than this why not create a memorial for them outdoors like plant a tree, create a photo collage or maybe build a memorial rock garden? You could also mix the ashes in artisan potting soil and plant bulbs that bloom each season in honor of your pet.

In conclusion, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding whether to keep or scatter those ashes – just go with whatever brings you comfort and peace knowing that you can still remain connected with your beloved furry family member even after they are gone.

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